Warehouse management / E-WM

Today, our SAP WM template offers support for lean – e.g. full pallet-based warehouses – to more advanced, piece-picked and automated warehouse environments. Thanks to close integration with procurement, delivery and production departments, across plants, our SAP WM template is a cast-iron guarantee for enhanced insight into your business and, consequently, better decisions in material handling. In addition, you will raise efficiency with cross docking, voice picking, RFID…

With order sizes decreasing and the frequency and complexity of deliveries growing, warehouse operations at many companies are now far less efficient than before.

Need to increase labor productivity? Then it is high time to ensure better process support. We can help you implement an Extended WM Solution based on SAP ERP or SAP SCM, thereby bringing new processes like slotting, value-added services, task interleaving, route optimization, resource planning, etc. all within easy reach.

Warehouse management / E-WM

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