An architecture featuring unbeatable advantages

The tight integration of MES and ERP and the application of optional Add-Ons enable an additional shortening of supply chains within production and logistics. Immediate confirmations of rework, disposal and material blockings are promptly incorporated within the material availability verification. An order start, including missing parts is avoided while maintaining the efficiency of manufacturing capabilities for „problem-free“ orders. Updated PDC-/MDC-data for the availability of production resources allow dispatchers a more realistic scheduling. Detailed scheduling and order releases can be executed multiple times within one shift according to the demand. The automatic real-time monitoring of the in-line testing and SPC data provide tight Q-control cycles, including a prompt reaction of the manufacturing execution and the supplier management. Which enable an increase of the overall equipment efficiency, high delivery reliability in case of reduced stocks and an improved quality level.



Resource Planning and Detailed Scheduling with SAP

This Add-On also offers the direct operation within the SAP ERP to dispatchers while providing their familiar application environment. A graphical panel enables the short-term rearrangement of operations, retaining the order nets, and an immediate verification of late deliveries and feasibility.


Plant Data Collection with SAP

This SAP ME Add-On performs an optimized collection of order, plant- and quality data by scanners on touch-screen terminals- without keyboard or mouse.


Machine Data Collection with SAP

This Add-On is provided for the automatic collection and filtering of machine status messages, offering a uniform key figure calculation according to VDMA-recommendation 66412-1 even in case of a heterogenic machine park


Logistics-Cockpit with SAP

In connection to SAP EWM, this Add-On provides an overview of current stocks, turnover frequencies as well as throughput and dwell times of all global warehouse sites, featuring further differentiated analyses.


Live Data Analysis and Manufacturing Intelligence

This Add-On for SAP provides the updating of large data amounts for concrete displays within a few seconds. Process analysis, trend monitoring and quality evaluations in form of optimal graphical presentations define the field of application.









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