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These days’ companies ask themselves questions like


What technologies will best support my HR strategy?

Transform your HR IT foundation—and set a course that will take your HR to a more strategic level.

Constantly evolving HR technologies make the landscape hard to navigate. With so many choices, it’s easy to lose your bearings.
Our team can help you create a roadmap that aligns with exactly where you want to go and helps you stay on course, even during times of change.
Sperry Swiss can help you choose the best solutions—for now and the future. Whether you need to assess HR’s current IT environment, unite islands of applications, evaluate enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions against other HR systems or con­sider on-premise and cloud computing, we will partner with you to develop a winning plan so that your HR becomes a strategic asset to your business


Business Process Re-engerineering ( BPR )

How can I use technology to improve HR processes and lower cost?
Consolidate HR applications, slash expenses and catapult your HR—from providing basic support to driving true business value.
Too many HR applications that cost too much. That’s a common challenge for today’s global enterprises. Turn your maze of systems into a well-integrated HR platform—sophisticated enough to transform your entire approach to global HR. Our HR application implementation offerings help you rein in multiple applications and get the most out of HR ERP, software-as-a-service and other technology solutions.
What’s more, we can help you cut expenses with improved productivity, increased automation and lower service costs by offering more self-service HR tools for your people to tap into. Move beyond back-office applications and embrace new user-driven processes based on advanced HR IT solutions—even ones that take advantage of anywhere/anytime computing devices such as smart phones and tablets.
You’ll be surprised at how fast the right applications and technologies—specifically designed for your business—can bolster efficiency. Let our experienced team help you develop solutions sophisticated enough to handle complex global HR operations and efficient enough to shore up your HR cost structure—all while helping you reduce overall service cost

How can I steadily increase the value of my talent to serve my business strategy?

Recruit the best talent, onboard new employees so they hit the ground running—and keep turnover low in your critical talent pool.
Talent makes the difference between your organization achieving high performance or not. The right talent management technologies can help you meet your goals quickly and with higher levels of certainty.
We can help you design and implement a complete suite of talent-management technologies: recruiting, performance management, succession planning, leadership training and rewards. A winning talent-management system drives results and gets your people—and their perfor­mance—in sync with your business objectives.
How can I keep improving the return on investment of my ERP system?
Being well informed. Gaining insights. Making swift decisions to constantly improve your HR operations. Not so easy if you do not take advantage of the most recent updates from your ERP solution provider.
Imagine a streamlined HR function that’s well integrated with your ERP system. Think lower costs, higher efficiency and—best of all—access to better knowledge and insights gleaned from a system that is delivering constant value.
Our team can help you determine which advancements are best for you. We can help ensure that your organization is getting an ongoing and optimal ROI from your ERP system.

How can I get a world class global payroll system?
Gain more visibility into your global payroll and manage it more efficiently.
The world may be getting smaller, but global payroll is getting bigger. As your business grows internationally, the challenges may seem titanic: How will you get a full and accurate view of payroll operations in order to monitor and analyze them? How will you fine-tune the system to meet regional and local regulations? And how will you keep costs from going sky-high?  We’ll partner with you to create a global payroll roadmap. We’ll help you choose and implement the right solutions for your business. The results ? You’ll be better able to achieve full visibility of your operations, reign in costs and tailor your system to local requirements.
When you go the distance with high performers, the challenge of global payroll will seem remarkably small.

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