Enterprise Resource Planning

In this challenging business environment, companies are continually looking for ways to optimize their end-to-end processes. With a proper Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) solution, they can create a true on-demand enterprise: a business that is agile enough to be able to respond to customer demand, any time, anywhere and under any operating condition.

  • Logistics = MM / SD / WM-HU
  • Finance = FI / CO
  • Manufacturing = PP / PPI / Batch management / QM
  • Specials = PS / PM / WCM

Every enterprise is a network in which people, information and business processes are connected. The more seamless and efficient this network is, the more successful the enterprise will be. Linking all these blocks of information, legacy systems, portals, third party products can become highly complicated. Process Integration is a complexity that should be considered seriously.

Process Integration
  • EDI
  • PI
  • EP

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Process integration : 

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