Core Values

Client driven

At Sperry Swiss we recognize Core Values as a common thread among ourselves. It is our characteristic that goes beyond our technology or business process skills and gives us a coherent identity. Core Values are integral part of our culture and we treat them as our second religion. It is this collective culture that helps us bring a fundamentally different Brand of Attitude to our customers, partners, vendors and ourselves. It is one of the biggest reasons for us to be proud of what we do at Sperry Swiss.

  • Align with the clients
    Listen to and understand clients’ business objectives and orchestrate your strategy and execution accordingly. Put clients’ objectives first. Our objectives are always aligned with clients’ objectives.
  • Put stakes in the ground
    Set upfront clear expectations about deliverables and deadlines and do whatever it takes to meet them.
  • Propose Alternatives
    Strive to find multiple solutions and help choose the best. Involve stakeholders to leverage diverse perspective and achieve collective buy-in. Define checkpoints and bring visibility at every stage of the project to avoid negative surprises.
  • Deliver with passion
    Clearly understand your stakes in the delivery and execute with unprecedented enthusiasm, relentlessness and responsiveness. Question the most assumed assumptions. Play a devils advocate. Identify every possible pitfall and take proactive measures to eliminate them.
  • Leverage experience
    Create standards and processes from the lessons learnt and constantly evolve your methodology to add incremental value.

People Development

  • Fastest career path
    Take calculated risk to constantly put people in stretch roles.
  • Encourage ownership
    Encourage decision making at all levels by following ownership driven execution.
  • Recognize & Reward
    Do not let anything that is above and beyond go unnoticed.
  • Strive to Grow
    Own your growth, set clear targets and make conscious efforts to meet them. Also measure your growth in how many people you grew. Do not shy away from growing a client team member, if it means success to the project.
  • Facilitate Growth
    Contribute towards making a positive and mutually respectful team environment where everyone grows together.
  • Give & Take Feedback
    Provide and be receptive to constructive & caring feedback.


  • Inspire & Motivate
    Understand and share the big picture to induce passion.
  • Lead by Example
    Walk the talk and strive to be seen by others as a role model. Share the vision and purpose to buy consensus before delegation.
  • Promote Excellence
    Don’t go by rules and norms. Break them by setting higher and higher standards.
  • Create Sustainability
    Make conscious efforts to identify and create leaders who can take your responsibilities and help you to take-up higher challenges.
  • Take Initiatives
    Encourage risk taking. Don’t be afraid to do things differently. Initiate new ideas and follow them through.


  • Earn Trust
    Set right expectations on commitments and deliver on them.
  • Be Open
    Share knowledge, give and take constructive feedbacks, speak-up, raise and escalate issues, hold each other accountable to their goals.
  • Build Partnership
    Execute consistently, act with integrity and earn mutual respect to become a trusted partner.
  • Be Supportive
    Make genuine effort to understand people’s strengths and weaknesses and stand by them through the tough time. Hate the sin, not the sinner.
  • Collaborate
    Work together for a common goal, identify, acknowledge and imbibe each other strengths to create unprecedented value.


  • Innovate to create Business value
    Challenge the existing processes to find and embrace new ways of doing things.
  • Multiply Value
    Think out-of-the-box to find simplest things that create biggest values.
  • Cost Consciousness
    Be mindful to wastage of resources.
  • Identify Opportunities
    Irrespective of your role, be on the lookout for initiatives and business leads that can add value.
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