Why Us?


All roads at Sperry Swiss lead to one destination. Each one of us has one thing in our minds – How do I get the client to express that we amazed them. It is this spirit of excellence desire to earn recognition that helps us achieve more than most of the companies.

On-time On-Budget

Our single biggest promise to you is – “We deliver when we say we will deliver and we deliver on pre-defined budgets”. As a client you have complete visibility into your total cost of ownership and we own the fixed-cost fixed-time delivery for you. We make this possible by world class estimation tools, accelerator methodologies, program management, collaborative tools and strong consulting discipline.

Our ERP Expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of World renowned ERP Systems (SAP Platform, Ramco, Microsoft and Oracle) at all levels of our teams consistently enables us to do the best for
our clients. Technology knowledge is at the heart of providing robust solutions to you and it definitely comes easier to us than any one else.

Our Culture of Competence

We are a team of individuals who are tirelessly hungry to get appreciation from our clients. This infectious trait, which is common to all of us, raises the quality of our work and pulls everyone around us up. It is this attitude that drives us to constantly figure out things that add value to our clients and go above and beyond to deliver what we promise to deliver.

Consulting Discipline

SAP or Peoplesoft, Ramco, J2EE or Microsoft; apart from platform or domain specific knowledge one thing that gets the job done is core consulting skills. Years of experience
has led us to believe that consultants are a different breed. We set high consulting standards for ourselves and continuously improve on consulting skills to achieve consistent results
for our clients.

Attention to details, being on-time, doing; what we say we will do, saying no to what we cannot do, creating options, mitigating risks, consensus building, asking the right questions, taking feedback, facilitating and leading are part of our natural behavior.

There are many more reasons for you to think about making the most of our potential. You must give us a call. Your pleasant experience will start with our first response and will last far beyond the point where you will not be able to differentiate between your team and ours.


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