EAM or former PM



SAP-maintenance module or these days SAP EAM (Enterprise Asset Management, former PM) represents the. implementation and the support of all maintenance processes. It offers a broad interaction with the ERP-modules QM, CO, MM, PS and PP, as well as a close integration to optional modules such as EHS / EHSM


SAP EAM is included into the ERP packet and offers the following:

  • Structuring of the system ( equipments, tools, ….)
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Calculation, termination, assessment of demand, availability verification
  • Processing of malfunctions and repairs
  • External processing including a cost sheet
  • Evaluation
  • SAP EAM also supports special processes such as:
  • Vehicle Management
  • Recondition processes
  • Performance and state dependent maintenance
  • Project oriented maintenance
  • Calibration of test-and measurement devices
  • Work clearance management



The structuring of systems offers various possibilities to implement the authentic condition of the plant (facilities, machines, equipment, measurement devices, and buildings).




The preventive maintenance (Maintenance scheduling and -execution) contains the maintenance termination, routing creation and order generation as well as the processing of orders (release, print, confirmation and completion).


The calculation of costs and various termination methods as well as a wide range of maintenance strategies (time-controlled, based on performance and state) are available.

The regulatory system is of high importance for the processing of malfunctions and repairs. Priorities and response times are determined and transferred to the order processing.




Evaluations bring transparency into the actual-costs and -expenses. Target/actual- balancing compares planning and facts. The comprehensive list-system provides information about all EAM components such as facilities, maintenance schedules, reports and orders.




Work clearance management is serious till very serious accident during maintenance activities !

  • Safe working around maintenace processes had to be improved: • Beter control the workpermit process • Beter control/overview of secured installation (parts)
  • More focus om preparation, collaboration and communication between people involved -> The organisation around the system!






A difference can be made between PM with WCM work permit and without WCM work permit

  • With WCM work permit



  • Without WCM work permit





  • With WCMD






The interaction within ERP involves the work center data (PP), material numbers (MM), the order billing (CO), the calibration of test- and measurement devices (QM) , the project oriented maintenance (PS) and the EHS / EHSM

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