Machine and equipment connection

Direct Integration of Manufacturing Systems with SAP


SAP PCo offers the online collection of process parameters, order and test data as well as real-time processing of events and signals over various machine interfaces.



Beside device-specific message adapters and PLC interfaces control interfaces using OPC integration are available:

  • UA: "Unified Architecture“ for platform-independent OPC servers with enhanced data security.
  • DA: "Data Access" for OPC servers on the Microsoft platform with COM/DCOM.
  • AE: "Alarm & Events" for OPC servers on the Microsoft platform with COM/DCOM.

"Rule-based agents" ensure that events are suitably filtered and linked, and no information is lost. Messages formed in this way are delivered to SAP MII or other SAP applications by Web-Services.


Available special equipment connections are continually being expanded


The following benefits accrue from using SAP PCo for a direct connection between shop floor IT and Manufacturing Facilities:

  • Reduction of integration risks usually associated with device communication through a simple application to the factory network.
  • Faster deployment through pre-configured machine connections with frequently used interface protocols and standards.
  • High degree of standardization based on Microsoft and SAP technologies.
  • Investment security combined with a long-term development strategy.
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